Wedding Belly Dance Shows

Vittorina’s wedding performances are planned specifically to the bride & groom’s needs. Special requests are always taken on board including adding a song the bride & groom wish to be added into the set.

Vittorina can perform Solo, or as a Duet, or in a Troupe of dancers, and / or with musicians.

Advance notice for wedding performances is appreciated but we understand that sometimes these can be a spare of the moment addition or a last minute surprise for the bride & groom. However, if you require a duet or troupe performance the advance notice must be given in order to organise the dancers.

As a solo artist, Vittorina has a selection of glamorous costumes she wears only for wedding performances.

When performing in a duet or a troupe, Vittorina and her colleagues carefully select costumes together.

Vittorina strives to make every wedding performance as special as can be and always gives special attention to the preparation of the performance.

A Wedding belly dance performance involves a floorshow with props such as Veil, Wings, Stick/Cane, Zills (finger cymbals), dancing with the bride & groom, the bridal party, and then inviting the guests to the dance floor to join in on the fun. This show format is 20-25mins. Can be shorter or longer if requested.

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